Dometic Sealand

Dometic Sealand – Sealand 210, 310, 510 and 910 Traveler

  1. Locate flush line at rear of stool.
    1. Cut line just below vacuum breaker.
    2. Insert T-valve with arrow pointing towards vacuum breaker.
    3. Secure in place with two clamps provided with kit. [Photo A]
  2. Mounting the dispenser reservoir to the wall
    1. Locate reservoir to the back or side of the wall providing easy access for filling.
    2. Keep level or lower than back of stool.
    3. Screw reservoir into place with the three screws provided with kit. [Photo B]
    1. Check the stool by flushing.
    2. Check the water line for leaks.
    3. Add a few ounces of Blue Streak Chemical® to reservoir.
    4. Flush stool. Finish filling reservoir.

Q: How Do I Winterize the Blue Streak Dispenser?

A: Run the chemical level low [1to 2 inches] in the reservoir and winterize your unit as you would normally. To remove chemical from the reservoir; unscrew the tank from the wall leaving tubing attached to tank and pour chemical into another container.


Figure A

Figure B