The first Blue Streak auto dispenser was made over 20 years ago. During that time we obsessed over making incremental improvements to perfect each of our products.  Based on our years of success we have become the best RV and camper complete waste treatment system. When using our auto-dispenser and Blue Streak chemical you will see the following benefits:

checkmarkDecreased chemical use that will lead to long term savings

checkmarkEnvironmental benefits by using our non-toxic, biodegradable formula

checkmarkDeodorize, clean, and lubricate your entire waste system

checkmarkEasy to use – once it’s setup just add Blue Streak to the convenient reservoir and forget about it.

checkmarkPleasant baby powder fresh scent

checkmarkStarts deodorizing and acting on stool immediately in the bowl

checkmark100% satisfaction guarantee

Carl S

Carl L. Sumerix
President & Lead Scientist

Carl has been involved in the RV, marine and camping industry for over 50+ years.  

Carl originally invented the Blue Streak auto dispensing system to make his own camping experience more convenient.  He found the process of keeping the odor down in his camper and using the appropriate chemical to water / waste ratio difficult to predict or calculate.

Carl was also disappointed that all of the leading waste treatment chemicals containing toxic poisons such as formaldehyde.  

This caused Carl to invent Blue Streak (originally named CLS Systems) to solve all the problems he found with managing his black water tank.

Made in the USA

After Carl designed the first version of the Blue Streak auto dispenser he worked with local Michigan manufacturers to perfect the engineering and quality control process of the products.  Majority of the components, plastics, chemistry, and chemicals are all designed and developed in the USA.

Factory and Quality Assurance

Blue Streak does our own bottling and product quality assurance.  All auto dispenser values are tested by our team to ensure a proper fit and function.

A couple bulk, commodity items such as plastic hoses and clamps may not be manufactured in the USA.