Great Blue Streak Video Review

By Blue Streak on July 7, 2022

Thank you to Camp Maintenance Guy for the great review on our product!

Stop the smell of grey water tanks in your camper

By Blue Streak on May 10, 2022

Blue Streak was designed to be a non-toxic, earth friendly alternative for your black tank chemical treatment on your RV, boat, or camper.  It adds a pleasant baby powder aroma, cleans, and works to break down waste to help it move better through your entire system. But, did you know, you can use a little… Continue reading

Non-toxic alternative to Aquakem

By Blue Streak on June 10, 0022

Blue Streak is a great alternative to Aqua-Kem and other harsh tank chemicals.  Aqua-Kem has been the standard tank chemical provided by RV dealers and campgrounds for years. However, there are superior options that don’t use poisons like formaldehyde, and won’t wreak havoc on campground septic systems. Blue Streak is non-toxic and safe to use in your… Continue reading