We would love to hear about your experience with Blue Streak

If you have a couple minutes to tell us about how you use Blue Streak and what your experience has been we would certainly appreciate it. Tell us about your experience with Blue Streak.

“I wanted to let you know I have been a user of Blue Streak for many many years, when your product was first introduced. I have had it installed in my past three RV’s and my current RV. Your product is the best solution I have yet to find for treating the RV’s black water holding tank. I never have any clogs or odors and my sensors always give me reliable readings. It is simple, clean, effective and of course the bowl water is blue. I recommend your product to every RV’er I meet, on the RV forums and even did a YouTube video review on my RV channel: https://youtu.be/LiFzca2PWU4. Thank you for an awesome RV product that actually works.”

– Lou M.

“I bought the BlueStreak system last August at the FROG rally in Goshen, Indiana. I couldn’t be more happy with the way the system works. My toilet is always clean and smells great. When I went to put my 5th wheel in service this spring. I was unable to locate my bottle of BlueStreak. As it was a Monday and I was leaving on Saturday, I was between a rock and hard spot. I got on line, placed an order and it arrived on Wednesday!! That is service. I thank you for your product and your customer service.”

– Jim Thompson, Conneaut, OH

“Hi Carl. Real good to see you again at the Florida RV Super Show.

I have had your product in my 5th Wheel for 3 years now & I can tell you I just love it. As I have said to you many times, this product should be a Standard in every RV, or at the very least, A Factory Option.

In my opinion any RV Manufacturer who looks at this dispenser unit & chemical & does not see the great benefit to them & their customers is looking at it with
their eyes shut. I have had NO issues with the unit or chemicals, other then getting my wife to use more water in the toilet bowl to get the complete benefit of the chemical working as it should. I highly recommend this Dispenser & Chemical to everyone.

Give it a try folks you will NEVER regret it. If I was younger & not retired Carl I would get in the business & sell this product all over Canada. Good Luck & keep up the good work.”

Reg Reich, Cambridge Ontario Canada.

“One of the least favorite chores an RV’er must deal with is sanitation and adding
chemicals to the black water tank. In the past this meant remembering to bring RV toilet  chemicals, having to store RV sanitation chemicals and in many cases end up staining some  part of the bathroom with heavily died sanitation products. Many RV’ers use there  trailers and motorhomes for short weekend getaways and end up wasting chemical due to the use of the new portion controlled packs now available on the market.

The Blue Streak Chemical Metering System eliminates these issues by carefully measures just the right amount of toilet chemical each time you flush using precisely what’s needed without waste or spillage. The Blue Streak system will delivery OVER 400 flushes to one quart of chemical and CLEANS and DEODORIZES while doing so.

Eliminate the guessing! Nothing is more frustrating than having an RV that smells like a port-o-potti. Temperature, toilet usage and the amount of water in a black tank all effect how pleasant or unpleasant an RV bathroom will smell. And RV Toilet Chemical is not cheap so tossing a ton of it in just to cover up the smell is not a smart option or is it good for the environment. With the Blue Streak system the correct amount of chemical is added with each flush. Blue Streak Chemical is carefully measured each time so you only use precisely what is needed – no waste or spillage.

And it does it automatically. Each time you flush, Blue Streak Chemical is automatically dispensed into your system. How easy is that!

The system is not the only amazing aspect of the product so is the chemical! The
non-formaldehyde based liquid has a clean fresh scent as well as cleaning and lubricating properties. So the toilet stays cleaner and your RV’s valve seals stay lubricated.”

by: rvassessorynews.com 
Sub-site of www.RVupgrades.com

“We just wanted to let you know how we enjoy having your system for adding chemical to our holding tank in our motor home. We have had the system for 3 years and would not be without it. There is no mess with this system and the blue stuff smells wonderful every time we flush the stool. Also there is hardly any smell when we dump. It really saves money because it meters the chemical and you can dump anytime. When we the other chemicals that had to have 8 oz. every time it cost more because we dumped many times with only ¼ tank. We would recommend the system and the blue stuff to our friends or to anyone. It is great.”

Claude & Kate Vennie, Davison, MI

I just want to start out by saying, this is a awesome product!

This unit automatically delivers chemical to the toilet during each flush.

I have found the whole black tank, toilet and chemical situation to be a real pain in the butt. (pun intended) I have been using the powered packets of chemical which really are over powering, which they need to be to do the job they are asked to do, but I sometimes spill a tiny bit which added with water really stains. I also have to hold my breath when dumping it in and half the time I just get it in and we are leaving and I dump it all out at the dump station.

So I was on the hunt to find a solution, and alas I found it. It is called the Blue Streak Chemical Metering System. I called up Carl at Blue Streak and spoke to him about the product and he had a unit on its way to my home.

The kit comes with instructions for the most popular RV toilets, chemical holding tank, cover, and T valve.

First job was to remove the toilet which required the removal of 2 nuts on each side of the base of the toilet and unscrew the water inlet hose at the back of the tank.

Be careful, just like the removal of your house toilet there maybe still a little water in a few places and could pour out. I have hard wood floors so the little antifreeze (still winterized) that came out did not harm anything. I have seen many rigs with cream or very light carpet so be careful. You now remove the base cover which is fastened by 6 screws and begin to pry the cover off. There is a sticky sealant used in assembly so it will take a bit of work to get the base apart from the main toilet section.

I did a little cleaning at this point, be careful on my Thetford toilet there are 2 springs in and around the flush flap (mechanisms) If you move this around during cleaning like I did they may going flying like mine did.

Next I found a good smooth area in the water line leading into the toilet bowl and cut the tubing and inserted the T fitting. Have a hair dryer handy for this procedure and warm the cheap plastic they use so the fitting will insert with only a small fight.

Now if you are like me you maybe wondering if the fitting broke in the clear tubing provided by Blue Streak. It is just the way they meter the proper amount of chemical during a flush.

You will need to drill a hole in the base which you removed to allow the tubing to run outside of the toilet to the chemical tank.

Reassemble the toilet and remount it in the RV. I had to put my chemical tank directly behind the toilet to allow the draw next to the toilet to open. It fits perfect and the lid opens with out hitting the unit.

The chemical has a pleasant baby powder smell and this can be metered down or shut off completely if need be with a little fitting on the tube itself.

This project took about 1 hour and I am so excited for the upcoming camping season to use it.

BTW I checked with Blue Streak and the chemical will not freeze until temps get below 10 degrees.

– iRV2.com product review by Bill Rowell

“I could hardly wait to write and tell you how impressed my husband and I are with your product!!!!

I really don’t know what we did before installing it in our R.V.

This is an amazing upgrade for the camping population and we would highly recommend it to everyone!!!!

Thanks So Much!!!!”

Ann, Scenery Hill, Pa.

“I installed the new T Valve you sent. The unit is working fine. Thank you for sending the needed repair. I really enjoy working with people that stand behind their products. I will definitely pass this along to my RV friends. Again, I wish to thank you for your prompt response.”

– Justin Mears

“I wanted you to know that I am now two seasons into using your product and I could not be happier. Well, that Is not totally. 100% true. I could be happier, if you could come up with a way to automatically dispense the same product into my gray tanks… then my issues with tank smell would be completely resolved.
But Happy I am!”

– Kevin M. Barrett

“We avidly read every issue of Motorhome and find many of the articles helpful to our never ending learning curve. This might be the first time we feel like we know something that was not in your article a Fresh Outlook by Chris Hemer in the July 2013 magazine.

Our Monaco Camelot 2003 coach came to us with a dispensing system attached to the toilet by Blue Streak Chemical. The system uses non-electric, chemical injectors that work by creating a vacuum to draw the correct amount of chemicals from the reservoir with each flush. Since the motorhome toilet uses minimal water with each flush this takes all the guess work out of mixing and measuring. No other additive is needed. Each quart of chemical lasts for 400 flushes so it is relatively inexpensive too.

We would not look for any other solution as this has been perfect. We are full timers and this seems to us a high priority to maintain a comfort of living aboard. I encourage others to check this out at www.bluestreakchem.net.”

– Bill & Rosey Bourne, Ontario, Canada

In our last RV we had your system installed and loved it. Unfortunately our new RV did not come with your system. We went 2 years without it with me constantly complaining that the toilet stinks! Didn’t matter what chemicals we used or how often, the bathroom always smelled.

This summer we decided to purchase a new toilet and yes, your system too. I am one happy camper again, and so is my husband. I no longer have to bug him to put chemicals in. Your system is clean and easy. Just add the liquid chemicals to the reserve container and forget it!

Thanks so much for the great system and the great customer service. We will gladly recommend your system to our many RV friends.

– Two Happy Campers, Bill and Cindy Livesay, East China, MI

“I was so glad to meet you in person @ The MARVAC Camper Show.

As promised, I am writing this testimonial in hopes that it will assist others in choosing Blue Streak Products for their RV usage. As I explained to you, I am an asthmatic. I am hypersensitive to smells of any kind. I chose to try your product because my husband wanted a “full service” bathroom in our RV. In the past, solid waste in our holding tanks for the toilet was a “taboo” because of odors. Every other toilet/holding tank cleaner/deodorizer I have used in our trailer before Blue Streak has irritated my nose and lungs making our trailer uninhabitable for me. Your product is amazingly different. Blue Streak has a light scent but even when our trailer has been shut up for extended periods of time, during hot summer days for example, Blue Streak does not have a cumulative odor. The trailer did not have to be aired out for 20 minutes before I could breathe inside of it. Since beginning our use of Blue Streak neither our toilet nor our black water holding tank have ever had any noticeable odor. In addition, your product is highly concentrated and therefore you use less of it to do the same job that many ounces of competitor’s products require. You have a winner with your Blue Streak chemicals and your toilet system! Keep up the good work! I am anxious to see how your Blue Streak System has weathered the winterization process in both of our trailers. (I installed your system in our other trailer after your Blue Streak System proved itself successful in our 32 foot travel trailer.) I’ll keep you posted about our DE winterization experiences with your system!

I highly recommend your product. I can see where it would have application to any recreational vehicle and watercraft (with heads) too! It is so refreshing to have a product work as the manufacturer says it should!

Can your product be used in porta-potties and chemical toilets too?”

A Satisfied Customer,

Susan T. Thomas

“Sure you can put my name on the Bathroom Wall.

I love this product and only wish that it had been available when we owned our boat and traveled the Great Loop, circumnavigating around the eastern USA via the waterways.

I kept saying, “Why can’t someone come out with a product that dispenses something that smells good, into these marine toilets. Ours was a vacuum flush so it did smell better than the RV stool. These toilets just don’t have the pressure nor the circulation to cleanse the bowl with each flush”. I tried those gizmo’s that stick a wad of gel to the bowl and it dissolves away but those also did not work well and the water circulation was not sufficient to make it work correctly.

Then we visited the RV Tampa Show in 2010 and almost the first booth that we came to was Blue Streak! I thought that I’d died and went to heaven. The answer had arrived!!!


We installed it the next day. I must say that while ‘real men don’t need instructions” please, Trust Me….read the instructions. It will save you a ‘REAL MAN” clean-up.
The directions are clear, easy to follow, and the system works great. I like the blue water, the detergent keeps the bowl clean, the fragrance is not over the top, and it does the job.

We’ve had visitors use our head and they ask…What is that product? I got tired of photocopying our brochure over and over and finally requested a few to hand out.
Our friends bought theirs and love the system also. It’s a WINNER!! There are lots of RV gadgets out there but this one stands up to its promises…cleans, does it tank breakdown job, and smells good. It’s a WIN..WIN

Thank You.”

Garrett and Jean Mulder

“Received my product UPS today, good service.  Before I got the chemical I dumped; I’ve been using Blue Streak since I saw it on the Escapees website and installed my new toilet in a 1990 Layton travel trailer by Skyline in December of 2009.

It takes about a quart per month and does better on odor (none) than anything else we’ve used.  It also cleaned the scale out of the holding tank like nothing else we’ve tried.

I’m a fan of Blue Streak. ”

– Bill & Dee Wheeler

“At the 2009 Tampa Florida Motor home show, we purchased the Blue Streak Dispenser Kit for our R.V. toilet and I must say that it is the most worthwhile addition that we have ever purchased for our R.V.. Now we always have a baby powder fresh aroma in our bathroom. The toilet bowl is always clean and its automatic. our holding tank doesn’t smell any more, and installation was so easy that a cave man could do it….thank you, thank you, thank you…..”

– G. M. Kelly

“Carl, as a long time RV enthusiast and a dog show participant we come in contact with RV’ers from all over the country almost on a weekly basis. I recently purchased and installed the Blue Streak Dispenser in my motor home. My wife and I absolutely love the simplicity of the system and the performance of the product.

Thank you very much.”

– John Gattignolo, Tampa, FL

We have been using this since the 2022 Forest River International rally…in our 2018 Sunseeker Class C 3010DS and have no smells at all in our black tanks.

We had tried Happy Camper that everyone seemed to be recommending but we just had to keep adding more and more.

Blue streak sounded good and easy to use so we decided to give it a try. We are so happy we did…. No more awful smells!

I just had to replace the flange on the toilet and when I removed the toilet there was no smell then either. We are thrilled with the performance of this product.  Thanks for creating it!

Jacques Levesque, Orleans Ontario, Canada

“We purchased a Blue Streak system at the Fall MARVAC show in Novi. It seems to work great. We recently traded our handicapped equipped coach for a newer one while on vacation, and will be purchasing a Blue Streak for it when we get home to Michigan. When we traded in the old coach, we told the salesman and service director at the dealership about the Blue Streak system, and suggested that they consider selling it in their store. Perhaps you should contact them with a reminder and some information on your product. It is North Trail RV in Fort Myers Florida, a very large dealership.

Even after only a few months of use, we really miss having the Blue Streak dispenser in our new coach this past week since we got it. Regular chemical options just aren’t as convenient or effective.

I hope you are able to establish a relationship with North Trail, and get the word out about your product.”

– Rick and Janet Boldman

“First let me thank you for creating Blue Streak, no pun intended but the product is a Streak of genius!

I would like to share my story concerning the purchase of Blue Streak because I am sure there are lots of folks out there just like me. The wife and I have been camping since our children were little back in the 1970’s. Back then there were no regulations concerning toilet chemicals and toilet odor never seemed to be an issue. Over the years our rigs got larger and so did our black tanks and I became
unhappy with the performance of most of the brands of chemicals I tried.

I have always been on a mission to find that perfect product and at one
point went on the internet to see if there were any black tank home remedies out
there. I actually I did find one, but by the time I bought all of the different
items this remedy called for this would become a very expensive mix and I
wondered if it would work or harm my gate valve? I decided to continue my search.

I talked to many fellow rv’ers concerning what they were using and for
those who didn’t seem to have a problem I found they were over dosing their
tanks. If the directions said use 4 ounces of chemicals for a 40 gallon tank, they
were using 8oz or putting two tablets in when it called for one. I could try this method but first of all our tank is 80 gallons and at the price of these chemicals today, money is definitely an issue!

In addition to all these issues today there is an issue of fuel cost. At the present price of fuel the last thing I want to be doing is traveling with a heavy black tank just because I do not want to dump the expensive chemicals I put in it a couple of days ago.

I wanted to ask the wife if she would be ok with using public restrooms and rest areas but like sleeping in the same bed with her so I decided that wasn’t a
very good idea. All kidding aside, for me finding that right chemical was a challenge and I continued the search.

I was actually online shopping for black tank chemicals and checking reviews when I ran across a link for Blue Streak. I clicked on the link and went to your website. When I got there my first reaction was, this product is very reasonably
priced for an RV specialty item. I began reading about the product and realized I saw this product a few years ago. As I said I have been on this mission for a long while and yes I saw Blue Streak once before.

I am not sure why back then I didn’t try it, its reasonably priced so money wasn’t the issue, maybe it was new at the time and I was reluctant to try a new product or maybe I wasn’t ready to mount a dispenser on my wall, but this time I decided to talk to the wife about the product. After 44 years of marriage I know her better then she knows herself and I knew that this dispenser was going to be an issue. Before I asked, I looked into maybe mounting it in a trunk out of the way but determined that wasn’t feasible so I passed it by her.

Liz knew my frustration over chemicals and much to my surprise she said go
for it. I made my purchase online on January 14th and was pleasantly surprised when
my order was processed that same day. On January 15th my Blue Streak was on its way and the item was received in a few days.

I installed the dispenser on January 20th following your installation directions for my toilet and the install went without a hitch. I waited a month before I wrote you this message because I wanted to insure our Blue Streak worked as advertised. After one month of continuous use we only used one quart of chemical so its
very economical. Our bathroom always smells Baby Powder fresh and with the chemicals lubricating properties lets say, flushing has become real slick.

Since Blue Streak is adding chemicals every time we flush, now when the tank is full, I simply dump it, give it a rinse, close it up, add a few gallons of fresh water and its ready for use.

I no longer need to add chemicals to my black tank after its dumped and the best part is I can dump my black tank as much as I like. Now when we travel I can dump my tank whenever a dump station is available and am no longer wasting chemicals. Best of all, we no longer have any tank odors.

There is one drawback to installing your product, because once you do, you immediately have a tendency to share your find and in our case, were are always inviting folks in to watch us flush the bowl.

All we can say is thank you for creating Blue Streak!”

Michael & Elizabeth Carnevale, Key Largo, Fl.

“I had your system in my last coach, which caught fire two years ago. Since all of my records where lost in the fire I could not remember the name of your product. It took 5 months to get my replacement coach and with all of the items that had to be replaced, I’m sorry to say the chemical dispense was low on the list. After 18 months of using different products I had to fine you again and I’m glad I did. I just ordered a new dispense and three bottles of product and I’m looking forward to getting it installed in my new coach and stop the unpleasant odor that other chemical have.”

– Don Burger, Handcrafted Pens & Pencils by Don

“To whom it may concern,

We recently purchased your product. We are very pleased with the way it eliminates the odor. We are wondering if it will break up the waste like other odor chemicals do. Can you get back with me about that concern?

Thank you.”

Gerda Pitcher

“I would like to tell you that my wife LOVES this product. She told me just tonight that this system is one of the BEST investments we ever made. We are really impressed on how it keep the bowl so clean and fresh smelling. All I can say is if it keeps the bowl that clean my holding tank must be really clean.


Bill & Nancy Richcreek, Bradley, IL

“I sent an inquiry a few weeks ago concerning a problem with my newly installed dispenser. It would not continually dispense the chemical at each flush and, I must admit that I was disappointed.

You not only sent me a check valve but also sent a bottle of chemical at no charge. Of course, the free bottle didn’t mean anything if I couldn’t get the dispenser to operate correctly.

Well, I would just like to tell you that it is working like a charm. I am really ecstatic at how well it works, but most of all the odor is pleasant, especially when you consider the alternative.

With the last chemical that I used (and it was the best seller) I still had problems with odors. But now that I’m using Bluestreak chemicals I have not ANY occasion of bad odors.

The biggest highlight of using Bluestreak is that my wife is no longer complaining and asking me to put more chemicals in the tank. It’s unnecessary.

Thanks again, and believe me I’ll be ordering more in the near future.”

– Larry Williams, Houston PA

“I had just traded my last camper two weeks ago, and this is one of the first things I wanted for my new camper. My wife and I love the scent, and I love the no hassle of trying to remember to dump in chemicals before our trip. Thanks, I show this to everyone we camp with.”

Alan Stockman, Mount Vernon, IL