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Blue Streak is available online or at one of our dealer partners. If you are a RV or camper dealer you can contact Blue Streak to be added to our approved dealer list and start carrying Blue Streak products.

By carrying Blue Streak you are helping the environment and providing your customer with the best RV toilet waste treatment system available.

Nothing beats the Blue Streak auto dispensing system for odor and waste treatment.


Blue Streak can provide campgrounds with a better revenue stream than competing products. For one, Blue Streak sells at a slightly higher price because our product bottles are 3x larger than most other chemicals. You can also carry our fully automatic dispenser system, which is available to you at a wholesale discount.

If you have a campground maintenance team you might be able to make even more money by offering a service to install the Blue Streak automatic dispensing system.

If you are an experience installer you can often install the system in under 20 minutes but could easily charge $50 – $100 for an installation fee.

Blue Streak Bottle

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