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Blue Streak Chem

Our customers know that we have the best camping toilet chemicals and system on the market.  We’ve worked hard to design a system to make managing your campers black tank easier and better for the environment.  Once you use it, we know you’ll be a huge fan too.

Some of our customers have been using Blue Streak for decades and want to help us spread the word about our revolutionary products.  We’re working on a program that will allow enrolled customers to buy products at a discount to resell to friends, family, and other campground guests that they meet.

You can think of this as a grassroots effort to help us get the word out about this great product and an awesome way for some of our customers to make some extra money while they travel the nation and enjoy what we all love, camping!

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Stop the smell of grey water tanks in your camper

Grey Water Tank

Blue Streak was designed to be a non-toxic, earth friendly alternative for your black tank chemical treatment on your RV, boat, or camper.  It adds a pleasant baby powder aroma, cleans, and works to break down waste to help it move better through your entire system.

But, did you know, you can use a little Blue Streak in your grey water tank if you have an unpleasant odor?

Stop any unpleasant grey water tank smells

All you have to do is add a little Blue Streak to your grey water tank and it will help alleviate any odors or bad smell that you might accumulate during your camp trip.  Grey water tanks are not as big of an issue as black water so we don’t have any automatic dispensers for this scenario; but, adding a few drops of Blue Streak here and there down your kitchen sink can replace that foul smell with a pleasant aroma.


Non-toxic alternative to Aquakem

Agua Chem Alternative

Blue Streak is a great alternative to Aqua-Kem and other harsh tank chemicals.  Aqua-Kem has been the standard tank chemical provided by RV dealers and campgrounds for years. However, there are superior options that don’t use poisons like formaldehyde, and won’t wreak havoc on campground septic systems.

Blue Streak is non-toxic and safe to use in your black tank at all campgrounds. You’ll get better results, do a bit more for the environment, and make the campground maintenance team very happy that you are doing everything you can to keep their systems in good condition by using a septic tank friendly chemical.

Give Blue Streak a try! You can use it like you’ve always used your toilet chemicals or if you are looking to revolutionize how you manage your blank tank, check out our automatic dispenser.

We’re so confident you’ll like our stool chemicals that we offer a satisfaction guarantee!