Blue Streak Automatic Dispenser and 1 – 32 oz Bottles


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The Blue Streak Dispenser comes with a neutral white cover and everything you need to install.

Automatic Toilet Dispenser:

The Blue Streak toilet chemical dispenser is the only automatic dispenser available that requires no batteries, power, or complex installation.  The camp toilet chemical dispenser connects to your flush line and uses a patented valve that meters the proper amount of chemical on each flush.

Some of the many benefits:

  • Easy Installation – Installation time is about 15 minutes after you’ve done it before and should be a little under an hour if it’s your first time and you have to read through all the instructions. It’s a pretty simple process.
  • Low Maintenance – We’ve been in production for decades and our product is tried and true.  We’ve made small improvements along the way to provide the best experience. Once it’s installed it just works.
  • Easy to use – You don’t have to measure out how much tank chemical to use ever again. Whether you are planning on a weekend or a week the dispenser will apply the right amount of chemical on each flush.
  • No overdosing – If you aren’t using the Blue Streak dispenser you are probably overdosing your system which is costing you money and paying a higher toll on the environment and septic systems.
  • Pleasant Baby Powder Aroma – Unlike the competition that is poured down the toilet and sits in your tank, ours sits in your actual toilet.  When you use the toilet it starts acting on the stool immediately to break down and eliminate smell.
  • Cleans your system – With each flush the Blue Streak foaming detergent works to clean your bowl, plumbing and holding tank. Instead of the chemical just sitting in the bottom of your holding tank partially working on your waste, Blue Streak coats everything.
  • Lubricates – Some RV and marine systems are complex with different seals and pumps.  Blue Streak includes a lubricating ingredient to help with the longevity of your system and should decrease any issues.
  • Non Toxic – Blue Streak does not rely on formaldehyde and other toxic agents, making it better for the environment.
  • Safe at all Campgrounds and Septics – Unlike many other tank treatment systems Blue Streak is safe to use at any campground or septic.
  • Money Back Guarantee! – If you are not satisfied with Blue Streak, you can send it back within 30 days for a complete refund.

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Weight 3.8 lbs