3 – 32 oz Blue Streak Bottles


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Blue Streak Bottles

Blue Streak RV and camp toilet chemical is the best on the market.  It’s designed specifically to work with our automatic dispenser but works well when used as a traditional toilet chemical as well.  Our environmentally friendly, biodegradable tank chemical has the following major benefits:

  • Breaks Down Waste – Blue Streak has ingredients to actively break down waste in your system.
  • Pleasant Baby Powder Aroma – It has a clean, pleasant aroma to mask any scent while it is coating and breaking down any of your RV toilet waste.
  • Cleans your System – Blue Streak includes a lubricant that will help any seals and lubricates plumbing and your systems.
  • Non Toxic – Our formula is designed to be biodegradable and not poisonous to people and pets. However, do not drink it – it’s like drinking soap, you’ll still get sick.
  • Safe on all Septic Systems and Campgrounds – Some of our competitors are banned in some states and campgrounds. Blue Streak is safe and welcome at all campgrounds.

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Weight 5.4 lbs