Blue Streak™ Automatic Dispenser
for RV Tank Treatment

Our revolutionary system will change the way you use and manage your RV/marine black water tank. The dispenser connects directly to your toilet and delivers the perfect amount of Blue Streak for each flush.

checkmarkUses the perfect amount of treatment

checkmarkWorks on the stool / waste immediately

checkmarkBreaks down waste, cleans, deodorizes

This system will quickly pays for itself due to the savings from using a lot less in chemicals.

The perfect amount of treatment every time. Non-electric, no moving parts, zero maintenance dispenser.

Automatic Dispenser and 1 – 32 oz Bottles
Blue Streak

blue streak dispenser and 1 bottle

The Blue Streak dispenser requires no batteries, power, or complex installation. Just connect to your flush line, and the proper amount of chemical will be added to each flush.

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Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

I wanted to let you know I have been a user of Blue Streak for many many years, when your product was first introduced. I have had it installed in my past three RV’s and my current RV. Your product is the best solution I have yet to find for treating the RV’s black water holding tank. I never have any clogs or odors and my sensors always give me reliable readings. It is simple, clean, effective and of course the bowl water is blue. I recommend your product to every RV’er I meet, on the RV forums and even did a YouTube video review on my RV channel: Thank you for an awesome RV product that actually works.”

– Lou M.

I installed the new T Valve you sent. The unit is working fine. Thank you for sending the needed repair. I really enjoy working with people that stand behind their products. I will definitely pass this along to my RV friends. Again, I wish to thank you for your prompt response.”

– Justin Mears

I wanted you to know that I am now two seasons into using your product and I could not be happier. Well, that Is not totally. 100% true. I could be happier, if you could come up with a way to automatically dispense the same product into my gray tanks… then my issues with tank smell would be completely resolved.
But Happy I am!”

– Kevin M. Barrett

We purchased a Blue Streak system at the Fall MARVAC show in Novi. It seems to work great. We recently traded our handicapped equipped coach for a newer one while on vacation, and will be purchasing a Blue Streak for it when we get home to Michigan. When we traded in the old coach, we told the salesman and service director at the dealership about the Blue Streak system, and suggested that they consider selling it in their store. Perhaps you should contact them with a reminder and some information on your product. It is North Trail RV in Fort Myers Florida, a very large dealership.

Even after only a few months of use, we really miss having the Blue Streak dispenser in our new coach this past week since we got it. Regular chemical options just aren’t as convenient or effective.

I hope you are able to establish a relationship with North Trail, and get the word out about your product.”

– Rick and Janet Boldman

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  • Blue Streak Dispenser and 1 bottle

    Blue Streak Automatic Dispenser and 1 – 32 oz Bottles

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